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Witch Ball
  • Witch Ball

    🔮 Step into the Realm of Protection with our Handcrafted Witch Balls! 🔮


    Seeking a shield against negative energy and malevolent forces? Dive into the ancient tradition with our meticulously crafted Witch Balls, steeped in centuries-old wisdom and modern-day magic.


    Dating back to 17th century England, Witch Balls have been revered for their powerful protective properties. Hung in windows or by doors, these enchanting orbs serve as guardians, warding off spells, evil spirits, and ill fortune.


    But our Witch Balls are more than just relics of the past – they are timeless treasures infused with botanicals, charms, crystals, and other mystical elements. Crafted with intuition and imbued with Reiki energy, each ball is a masterpiece of intention and positivity.


    Experience the transformative power of our Witch Balls as they infuse your space with harmonious vibrations and shield you from negativity. Whether you're looking to cleanse your home or create a sacred sanctuary, our Witch Balls are your ultimate ally.


    Join the ancient lineage of protection and let our Witch Balls guide you on your journey to serenity and safety.


      Botanicals, herbs, crystals, stones, charms and more. Contents may vary as they are created intuitively to order. 


      Orders will be processed and shipped within 5-10 business days. Rush orders may be available for an additional fee. Please contact seller for details. Shipping costs will be calculated at check out.


      Please contact us if there is an issue and we will do our best to resolve it.

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