Sandra, I just can't thank you enough for your reading and mediumship. Your calming energy and goddess like essence helped keep me relaxed throughout the reading, and reaffirmed my choice to reach out. The service you provided me has given me what noone else can! I feel more closure, I have less worry about a passed loved one, and what was broken can finally start to heal. I am beyond thankful for your! And I loooooove your lives, you are just an absolute delight to hangout with.

She really knows what she is doing, everything she said was spot on!! you are awesome, Miriam!

Great Products!

the soap products all look and smell good enough to eat!!!! and because they're not filled with gross fillers, they last a long time! <3

The Autumn Harvest soap bar was exactly what I needed to help with my springtime allergies! It rinses well and does not irritate my dry skin. I will definitely buy again!

The Cleansing Spray is such a great product! Thank you so much

Amazing products, great communication. Love all of the products and definitely recommend!!!

Absolutely love the items I purchased!

She did a reading for me and it was spot on. She was super nice and helped me feel better about things. I recommend her. 

Sandra's warm and welcoming energy was exactly what I needed. I received a reading from her a few weeks ago and it was spot on. She was such a strong connection to spirit and really helped me find some answers I was seeking. 

The salve is amazing. I use it on my hands every night before bed, and after I spend time gardening or cleaning. My hands are so soft! It soaks into the skin nice and has a nice mild scent.

I had a reading at a party, and it was really good. She understood things and explained things to me in a way I never thought of before. I'm making some positive life changes now based on the reading. Highly recommend

Absolutely love the holiday soap :) it made my family so happy

The soaps are always of the highest quality, make my skin feel great, and arrive quickly. I buy all of my soaps from here!

Sandra has a calming energy and she did a great house energy cleaning for me. I highly recommend her. 

Sandra is a force of goodness and magic. She radiates warmth, she has an incredible way with words and her presence is calming and grounding. I find her intuition to be clear, helpful and insightful

The soaps smell luscious, and always leave my skin feeling great!