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Green Bathroom

Miriam Ora

"Heal your body and soul"

I am an eclectic lady who decided to start a business because I know I have a lot to offer the world. I am a minister, psychic, medium, reiki master, Jewitch, and artisan. My services are designed to help both heal and guide you. My bath & body products complement these services. They are infused with reiki, and have been designed and hand crafted with love and care. I have been continuously honing my crafts since childhood.

Like many others, I experienced suffering in my early life. I know it sounds "preachy," but I truly believe that we can only really find our strengths by coming out on the other end of traumatic events. My father passed away when I was quite young. His "visitations" when I was a child were the catalyst for me discovering my psychic abilities. I have lost many other deeply beloved friends and family members, and experienced other traumas in my years. These occurrences helped shaped my personality, witty & dark sense of humor, quirky aesthetic, and my drive to continuously pick myself up out of the muck and keep fighting. Healers often come into this profession because they've either looked for help they couldn't find, or they found the help that changed their lives profoundly.


My empathy and intuition lead me to be very laid back and easy to talk to. Our sessions can be as open book as you're comfortable with. Sessions can often times feel like therapy (I am not a mental health professional). They are safe, confidential, and sacred spaces. 

When it comes to other traits, I am pretty much 50/50 creative and nerdy. Soaping is a great mix of all of my interests because it includes mathematical calculations, scientific formulas, chemical reactions, AND I get to plan all the pretty colors, designs, and smells! Oh, and the clever names! I also infuse all of my products with healing energy and design them with pure love and light. 

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